Leaders in High Traffic Road Markings

Leaders in High Traffic Road Markings

Road & Line Markings

Road & Line Markings

Commercial & Provincial Roads

Our reputation is built on providing exceptional service and completing projects to satisfaction. No job is too big or too small for us, whether it’s a government highway or a small cul-de-sac in your new construction development.

  • High Visibility Markings
  • Commercial & Industrial
Line Removal Services

Line Removal Services

Asphalt Line Removal

Provincial Road Markings in Guelph is Ontario’s asphalt line removal expert. We have the right equipment, the skilled technicians and the record of experience to ensure your Ontario asphalt line removal project is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

  • Commercial Line Removal
  • Parking Lot Line Removal
Parking Lot Markings

Parking Lot Markings

Safety, Branding & Maintenance

We offer various services that make parking lot maintenance very effortless and affordable. We provide solutions that can help eliminate repainting every year, offering durable and semi-durable products that we can warranty for 2-5 years.

  • Maintenance Plans
  • Safety & Parking Markings

Line Painting Across Ontario

No Job is Too Big, Small or Remote

Road & Line Marking

Applying Cold Plastic (MMA) road line markings across Guelph and Ontario is what we do. Call us to quote on your specific needs.

Line Removal

Contact us for complete line removal on roadways, asphalt installations or industrial and commercial flooring.

Parking Lots

We make parking lot maintenance very effortless and affordable. We are able to provide various solutions that can help eliminate repainting every year.

Warehouse & Industrial

We also provide warehouse floor markings, safety marking in pedestrian areas as well as to direct traffic flow in low-speed areas.

We are Line Painting & Removal Experts

Safety Marking, Industrial & Warehouse and Line Removal Services

Did you get paint on your vehicle?

Try these methods to remove paint

Motorists are advised to pay attention to the warnings and follow the instructions on Provincial Road Marking’s road marking vehicles. Motorists are also urged to watch out for safety cones and other markers indicating fresh or wet paint and are warned specifically to stay off any wet yellow or white painted road lines that might be encountered.

We recommend that you take prompt action if you accidentally get road paint on your vehicle. The following instructions for removing road paint are suggested.